Hybrid X Villa De Rosas Silvestres

More than your daily dose of vitamin D

A single battery can carry up to 6.13 KWh. The rest goes to the grid. We installed two batteries.
Coffee press to achieve your fresh brewed coffee in a practical way.
Meet my Handyman
16 x solar panels facing the sun from afternoon up to the rest of the day during the summer time. (Winter months are a bit challenging).
Investing in Green Initiatives
“When the sun goes down and the band won’t play, I’ll always remember us this way.” -Lady Gaga, soundtrack from the movie A Star is Born

It was a well thought decision when we decided to have a solar-energy powered house. It has always been a project in mind that Jacob and me primarily wishes to fulfill. An investment that turned into great savings, today and in the future. It is always not about being environment-friendly thinking. This is more of a futuristic view. A number of things was put into consideration including the efficiency and energy usage of the white wares we are using. My wish of travelling through a cruise ship in the north sea has been the very least of my personal wish list. I have my “guldklumper” anyway.

The good old days and the good old ways. Picture of Jacob’s grandma back in 19xx

Elise and Josefina helping mommy. We try not to use the dryer in the summer months as much as possible.

As to our curiosity and being ambitious, getting a windmill in a residential area has unfortunately not been possible for some reasons. Those giant wind mills fascinates me, both in terms of technology and the power of mother nature itself. Apparently, there are smaller windmills that can be mounted on a roof/building. Another interesting project to fulfill in the near future. Everything at the right moment.

Almost more than half of the world is aware about the now, energy crisis. It is more of a preparation than a surprise. People can be unpredictable, except for this matter. Our priorities are different, as we all are unique. The wind may only take you to where it blows if you let it be.

I thought it was getting closer to us.
Voila! It landed it front of our house. Summer of 2022.

Energy has many forms and comes from different sources. Either you are blessed with oil, gas, coal, geothermal, wind, solar and hydropower, it is your creativity, awareness combined with determination that will both save and give you independence. In Iceland for example, where hot springs can be found in great numbers, geothermal power is at its highest.

To help us monitor our energy usage, we practice the method of using general appliances when the energy cost is at lowest/cheapest. Our energy provider has an App to let us see the actual cost per kilowatt hour. Some days are sunny and sometimes windy. Right now, the windmills in Denmark are running constantly. No mountains. It reminds me of the danish song, “I et land uden høje bjerge” A country without high mountains. No wonder it is very windy.

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House built by the use of Upcycled and Recycled Materials

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As close as you could get. Picture taken at the rooftop of Widex, Lynge, Denmark. 2016. A private windmill of a firm.

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