“Nostalgia, Art and Samurai X”

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I am indeed a fan of brass, silver (and bronze) design when it comes to the small and intricate details inside our lovely home. It feels both nostalgic and top of the line . They were made to lasts and let their natural oxidations speak for themselves. Similar to brass artwork is bronze. The only difference is that brass is made of copper and zink, while bronze is made of copper and tin. These pictures where taken inside churches, castles and museums. You know you are in Copenhagen when you see the little mermaid “Den lille havfrue”. It is made of bronze and was made by Edvard Eriksen.

Last May 11, while at work inside Tivoli, I met a beautiful couple from the Philippines. Richard and Thristle Buxani. It was their second day in Copenhagen. Luckily, the weather was nice and sunny. Definitely a good day for a walking tour and to sit outside during this season of spring is perfect. Considering the couple’s refined taste for what a good coffee means and their aesthetic sense, I hope I didn’t fail to advise them as to where to enjoy their midday inside the attraction park. We had a short personal conversation that eventually led to a professional connection. Richard is a sculptor who specializes in brass and an architect by profession. His brass sculptures were recently exhibited at the Venice Art Gallery entitled “Minari”, held in Venice, Italy from April 23 to May 7, 2022.

The slideshow below are a few pictures that were part of the exhibition. Richard’s inspiration in creating warrior brass sculptures stemmed from his creative imagination, childhood, adolescence to adult life’s interest in the legendary warriors from both movies and animation films like the animation films of Akira Kurosawa in the 80’s and later on Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X), which was based on the “manga” series, a japanese television series that has gotten their popularity in the Philippine TV in the 90’s. Photo credits by Richard Buxani.

I was also lucky enough to have a short on-line interview with the artist. Richard Buxani’s method of making brass sculptures is through cutting and bending metal sheets and not the usual “casting”. The form of bonding is called metal welding (acetylene welding). In a matter of minimalizing the use of raw materials, Richard upcycles the rest of the cut metal sheets to create a new piece of art. Everything should be used as much as possible. He also stated that the Philippines is now promoting Green Architecture Accreditation when it comes to building materials, use of landscapes for architectures and other alternative and responsible use of both raw materials and energy. From an artist’s perspective, having a house that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable is important. Therefore, he built their house made of upcycled, recycled and reused materials that conveys their love for simple living. They also have a coffee shop with a gallery, where one would be able to see the artist’s sculptures.

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I recommend reading about how to recycle metals.


Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco

Author / Web design enthusiast