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This article is written voluntarily. It is currently revised. It was originally published in 2018 under my first website – Blooming Etiquette.
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Do you remember the time when you were small, attending school, bringing a couple of books, a lunch box and sitting on a desk that you probably have owned for a year or so?

In this 2-minute read article, we will learn about two different non-profit organizations that are focused on providing education and well-being of the children.

Questions to ponder

How many children in the world, do you think experiences a great time being in the school – having food in their lunch box, learning how to socialize and are encouraged to learn? How high are the chances that these children can go to a school and further learn more than A,B,C and count more than 1 to 10? How do they learn to plant trees and grow them?

In some countries, education is not always free, especially a good education. 

What is then a good education for you? It does not always necessarily mean, coming from a prestige university, but a school or education system that matches the teaching standards of most countries. I am very happy to hear that the education/curriculum in the Philippines is accredited in Denmark, in most European countries and in many parts of the world. I have hoped that we had more practical applications and tests than theoretical methods, so we could fully understand and immerse ourselves in the subject that time. Schools have different cultures as well.

How can a high quality of education be achieved? How can we contribute to the development of each shool? 

2004. My brothers and sisters from Alpha Phi Omega. We graduated in the same school. I am happy to say that almost everybody in this picture are successful engineers and accountants. I just realized it today.

What is inside your lunchbox that you could share with others?

I had a sandwich with Cheez Whiz spread on, a pack of Cream-O and in rare cases, a chocolate drink from Moo.  Sometimes when I get lucky, I get knick knacks (small chocolate coated biscuits). Those were my favorite! It made me feel excited to go to school.

Sharing a portion of what’s inside our lunch box is what we always aim to do. It’s in our checklist to make sure that we have more than enough to share (unconsciously). I believe in better welfare for children who looks forward in going to school, living healthy and feeling safe in their own homes.

SOS Children’s Villages

Being a godmother to one of the children living in one of the headquarters of SOS Børnebyerne in Nepal makes me realize how fortunate we are despite the imperfections and challenges we encounter in our daily lives.

I can clearly remember when my uncle used to make morning breakfast for me and bring me to school and read my assignments with him after school. Back then, the teachers used to write a lot on the blackboard for the students to copy and practice their writing skills. It was a different time, different system and different culture. Now we have e-books, tablets, I-pad and iBog®.

Photo credits from Jacob’s familie’s archive back in 19xx

From school, we learn to read and write and it is considered as our second home. It is where you learn things that are not probably discussed at the dining table. It is not only academics, but also values. These helps us to do good in practical application, which we will find useful when we start living on our own, building our own houses or simply reparing the faucet. It will also benefit us in finding a good job, to do what we really want, or even become a good parent. Sky is the limit as what my father says.

Reminiscing highschool and college

Oh yes, I could remember my teachers back in highschool, they used to tell a story of their experiences and at the end of the year, we all know his/her life story. 😀

Holy Angel University, Philippines, 2015

Learning is an unending process.

16 How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!

Proverbs 16:16

Volunteering gives us a sense of accompishment; knowing that we can give despite the scarce resources we have and limited capabilities.

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