Part 1. Circular Economy

Recycle, Reuse and Turning Waste to Energy

Most of the ceramics and glasses we have at home are from second-hand shops like Red Cross (Rød Kors genbrug), Kirken’s Korshær genbrug and The Danish Cancer Institute (Kræften’s Bekæmpelse genbrug). Some of these wares can also be found in individual/private garage sales and “loppemarked”, especially during the summer time in Denmark. “Den Blå Avis” (DBA) is also one of the best on-line webshops from the locals that I find reliable (of course, always be aware of making transactions). We have a set of stonewares Stogo from 1979 and we use them daily and on special occassions.

I recently visited one of the second-hand shops in Ringsted, which has the aim of selling high quality pre-loved items. They believe in sustainability or “bæredygtigt genbrug”. “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” or Danish Cancer Institute was established in 1991 in Aarhus, Denmark. These are donations from individuals, organizations and companies who support the concept. Today, they have 16 shops all over Denmark.

The Danish Cancer Institute

“Recycling and sustainability go hand in hand. When you shop in one of our stores or donate your recycled gold to us, you are not only supporting the cancer cause, you are also helping to take care of our environment and our climate.”


Danish Cancer Institute work within work within three main areas: Research, prevention and patient support.

– Kræftens Bekæmpelse

We bought this cabinet on DBA in 2022. It is made of recycled wood.

Upcoming Article: Part 2.

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