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We are capable of doing a lot of things, creating great artworks, building infrastructures, writing novels, making new inventions like AI robots and a lot more. At the same time, we are equally capable of destroying the things we build or make or worse, ignoring consciously the things that we have or the things we get freely from nature, resulting in having limited- resources or social networks in the end. Aside from the natural calamities and phenomenons, we are greatly responsible for sustaining it.

-welcome to the reality

The sad truth is that some parts of the world don’t have enough access to electricity and they have very limited access to clean/drinkable ground water. Right now, many parts of the world are experiencing continuous extremely high temperatures that affect their way of living rapidly. The homeless and less fortunate people are struggling to get clean water to cool themselves off. Heat stroke has been called a silent killer and it is getting harder to ignore the signs of global warming when our health becomes compromised.

Clean water. Children in the water by Sheree. Summer of 2017. The time of the Vikings. Denmark

In the beginning (and still at the present time), people might have been content living using natural resources and without much demand to use energy, clothing and electronics, but we (continuously) evolve and change is constant.

The originals – Aetas. Picture taken in 2014 during Rotary Club of Angeles Skytown’s outreach in the rural areas of Sapangbato, Angeles City, Philippines.

There is a fine line between willing to understand the problem and contributing in doing and accomplishing the goal(s). We cannot just take life as it is and say that it is Fate (Tadhana).

Time only turns clockwise and we can only look back, and not dwell, but learn from the past.

Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which arenaturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

Turnkey Solutions

I had the privilege to interview Sarah Dubord-Gagnon, the Group Coordinator of the company in their office in Vedbæk, Denmark on the 7th of September 2017.

In my eagerness to find organizations and companies that are willing to share their knowledge about green energy, I was lucky enough to find one. We learned on the first section of this blog a little about renewable energy and how do we acquire energy from nature. Now, we know that energy could be stored and use, allowing us to save money. The only thing that hinders us sometimes in converting to these methods is because of economic and unfortunately, some political concerns.

With Sarah Dubord-Gagnon. I wrote this article voluntarily for Blooming Etiquette in 2017.

As our conversation goes deeper into the economic part, I slowly realized that it could be possible with more understanding for long term benefits. This will save industries from paying a lot on their electric bills and also their end-consumers as well. Return of investment could be the most asked question when shifting to it. Read my blog about our family’s decision (Hybrid X Villa De Rosas Silvestres) to have solar panels installed in our house, which we are very happy about.

Turnkey solution for your clean energy needs

The company will study your industry’s energy consumption, needs and location to see a good possibility of placing renewable sources of energy such as solar panels or windmills around your building(s).

Show you a calculation on how much you could save and even the possibility of earning in the future, especially if you, as a company have learned to use energy efficient utilities.

Assists you in the maintenance of clean energy solutions to achieve a sustainable production of your company’s energy.

Tailor made solutions since industries or corporations have different needs and the company could offer several solutions like EMS.

How does Energy Management System works?

The EMS is what makes the technologies all work together and communicate together in order to manage and optimize your sources of energy and lower significantly your costs. It is not only about installing renewable energy sources but making source that they all work together to reach the highest possible performances. That’s the description of our global services: They understand the goals and challenges, defines the needs, advance data analytics, solution architecture, implementation and finally helps you in achieving Co2 reduction and cost savings. -HS

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