To give every child a chance to live like you. Healthy and Happy (til SOS Børnebyerne)

To give every child a chance to live like you. Healthy and Happy (til SOS Børnebyerne). Donate.

In November 2021, I made a small decision of becoming a godmother to one of the children from SOS Børnebyerne. She is five years old. She lives in Nepal and attends school inside the “SOS Børneby”, which they call home. It is where their guardians are and together with a staff(s) responsible for the administration. Children were from either war, poor countries or catastrophe, where social welfare is challenged and doesn’t have enough capability to support or protect every child.

My decision was voluntary and is not connected to any of my projects. It makes my heart full knowing that this little me is able to contribute to the society. We are just a grain of sand, but each and every one of us combined, we could accomplish something we want to happen. This fundraising idea started on Mother’s day last 8th of May. A fundraising event was conducted by both the staff and volunteers, where they went around houses to encourage people to donate any amount they are willing to give. My ambitious goal is 5000 danish kroners (700 dollars). Proceeds will go to the projects of SOS Børnebyerne for children all over the world (Africa, Asia or Europe).

Read more about SOS Børnebyerne.

I thank you personally for your donation and participation to this fundraising homepage that I committed myself into for 120 days. If in case, you are not able to donate, we respect it and accepts a “no, thank you”. You are not obliged to donate by receiving a link to my fundraising homepage for SOS Børnebyerne.

Best Regards,

Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco