Part 2: Be Resourceful

Be resourceful

Recycle, Re-use and Waste to Energy

12-minute Informative Video

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The Good Memories Remain

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Part 1. Circular Economy

Recycle, Reuse and Turning Waste to Energy

Most of the ceramics and glasses we have at home are from second-hand shops like Red Cross (Rød Kors genbrug), Kirken’s Korshær genbrug and The Danish Cancer Institute (Kræften’s Bekæmpelse genbrug). Some of these wares can also be found in individual/private garage sales and “loppemarked”, especially during the summer time in Denmark. “Den Blå Avis” (DBA) is also one of the best on-line webshops from the locals that I find reliable (of course, always be aware of making transactions). We have a set of stonewares Stogo from 1979 and we use them daily and on special occassions.

I recently visited one of the second-hand shops in Ringsted, which has the aim of selling high quality pre-loved items. They believe in sustainability or “bæredygtigt genbrug”. “Kræftens Bekæmpelse” or Danish Cancer Institute was established in 1991 in Aarhus, Denmark. These are donations from individuals, organizations and companies who support the concept. Today, they have 16 shops all over Denmark.

The Danish Cancer Institute

“Recycling and sustainability go hand in hand. When you shop in one of our stores or donate your recycled gold to us, you are not only supporting the cancer cause, you are also helping to take care of our environment and our climate.”


Danish Cancer Institute work within work within three main areas: Research, prevention and patient support.

– Kræftens Bekæmpelse

We bought this cabinet on DBA in 2022. It is made of recycled wood.

Upcoming Article: Part 2.

    "The long awaited sequel of Blooming Etiquette."

    Roskilde Domkirke. Part 2: Leaving a Legacy

    Wilhelm Marstrand’s portrait of Christian IV at the Trinity from ca. 1864.

    Roskilde Domkirke. Part 2: Leaving a Legacy

    Aside from being fascinated with soaring vaults and beautiful Sarcophagi, my curiosity about how the previous kings and queens of Denmark lived. Their deaths are either known, came as a surprise or can we define it as “fate”? One thing is certain – they left a legacy. Each of them had a royal motto (valgsprog in Danish). 

    What would you do if you were given the chance to design your own sepuchral monument? You may be an artist who wishes to make a remarkable remembrance of you when you have to leave this world.

    This beautiful piece of art is has been created by the artist, Bjørn Nørgaard (born 1947), in collaboration with the royal couple. It will remain covered until after the monarch is laid to rest. The current Her Majesty Queen Margrethe the 2nd has a motto “Guds hjælp, Folkets kærlighed, Danmarks styrke”. – God’s help, The People’s love, Denmark’s strength.

    The monument is covered. It can be used as a bench, so one can sit and ponder at Birgitta’s chapel.

    A view from the top where the Sarcophagi1 of Margrete 1., Duke Christopher of Lolland Margrete 1. older brother), Christian 5. and Frederik 4. can be seen.

    Christian 5. He was fond of riding and hunting. He ruled after the reformation. His humbleness made the people loved him.

    Harald’s Stone2. It tells a story when the country was transitioning from a tribal society to a Christian Kingdom. Harald writes that he is the king of the land and made the Danes Christian. Denmark’s birth certificate

    Dating back to the 1080’s, when the church was first built, right even before they discovered the bricks in the 1100’s, there was a myth that King Harald Blåtands (Harald Bluetooths)3 grave was buried in the church in his death about 988, though there are no other sources or archaeological evidence to support this claim.

    He was known as the ancestor of the Royal family. He was the king who united the kingdom and the Christian Danes.

    Kultur ministeriet

    This is considered the 2nd phase, approximately 960-990.

    Denmark’s name appears for the first time. The stone was placed in about year 950 by “Gorm den Gamle” Gorm the Old in memory of his wife Thyra.

    Every details inside the church reveals the belief and traditions associated with being either a christian or the other4.

    The Baptismal Font is from 1602 and it replaced a medieval font.

    This is the Part 2 of my video inside Roskilde Domkirke
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    Roskilde Cathedral and the Royal Tombs

    Part 1. Sarcophagi, Effigies and Gravestones

    This article is under the subject “culture”. Learning about history allows us to understand how moral standards evolved and how traditions were put into practice.

    “We only live once”. This is what every wise man would say. But we can only do much in our lifetime. To be able to do the things we enjoy and holding on to the values we believe are important is already a fulfillment. 

    the pulpit
    The Organ a.ka. Raphaëlis Organ

    My fascination with art and history has led me to the discovery of the beautifully designed coffins and tombs inside a Christian church in Roskilde. One of the things that I find very interesting aside from the beautiful architecture using bricks and marble are a few stories behind every leadership of the kings and queens. I have gathered some of the most important information about both the cathedral and the life of kings and queens.

    The King’s Door (Only the royalties can pass through it)

    Forty kings and queens are thought to rest here – 37 graves are known with certainty. Altogether, there are more than 1000 graves in the church.” 

    Guide to Roskilde Cathedral

    Margrete 1. founded the Kalmar Union between Denmark, Norway and Sweden

    • 1376-1412 Denmark
    • 1380-1412 Norway
    • 1389-1412 Sweden

    Kalmar Union

    A Royal Union between the three kingdoms of Denmark, Norway and Sweden from 1397 – 1523. Erik of Pomerania was crowned king of three kingdoms


    Quote. “Roskilde Cathedral is Denmark’s royal burial church, architecture of international class and an active parish church. The Cathedral has been selected by UNESCO as a site of outstanding universal value. Here are soaring vaults and a majestic atmosphere. According to the chronicle from the 1000s, King Harold Bluetooth built a wooden church in Roskilde. In 1022, Roskilde received its first bishop. About 1080, a new church was built in travertine where the present brick church now stands.” Quote. – Guide to Roskilde Cathedral

    The portrait of Margrete 1.

    It unfortunately lacks some description details. Therefore, it “may not” be the same face features as she was in real life.

    -Photo (portrait) from the archives of The Royal Danish Library

    Margrete 1. was the youngest daughter of Valdemar and Helvig, who exercised governmental power in Denmark, Norway and Sweden from 1376 – 1412. Her brother Christopher was supposed to reign, but died early at the age of 22. Since his death, the subsequent should take over.

    Source: Danmarks historien
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    Ecological Farming and The Danish Organic Label


    The voyage has began. Make it a good journey.

    Defining what a beautiful garden is has changed after moving to a little town in the middle of Zealand. Roughly 60 kilometers from the city of Copenhagen. Fruit-bearing berry bushes and potatoes of our own and a few easy to grow indoor herbs in the summer season. These are one of the few things that makes me and my husband Jacob the chance to be both creative and busy in our free time.

    We know that a good eco-system is as crucial as producing our basic needs. We might not be aware of it, probably because we think that we are getting what we need or maybe we are just settling for what we already have. All living organisms takes part in Biodiversity. We planted some wild flowers in our garden. Having them helps in the pollination process. The flowers produce seeds that the wild birds love.

    Swimming fish

    The UN defines biodiversity as: “The diversity of living organisms in all environments, both on land and in water, as well as the ecological interactions in which the organisms are part. Biodiversity includes the variation within and between species as well as the diversity of ecosystems.” In other words, biodiversity is all life on earth, including animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and other living things both on land and in water.

    the danish environmental protection agency
    Wild flowers for the bees and birds in our backyard
    Strawberry bush, goji- and raspberry plant
    Harvested from our garden

    A Day with Vivi and Henrik

    The Danish Organic Label. It takes three years to achieve the certification of a state authorized organic farming. Regular control of the authorities is conducted. Vivi and Henrik achieved the certification in 2023.

    On the 18th of September, I had the privilege of interviewing the couple Vivi Hjort Hansen and her husband Henrik in their farm in Herlufmagle, Denmark. They own a farm with 56 organic certified chickens with the race Isa Brown and Lohmann Lite. They get to walk all year round in a 5000 sq. meters orchard. They produces eggs that are organic.

    In 2021, I googled “gårdbutikker” in our area and one of them is Vivi’s Pryd. Since then, our honey, concentrated fruit extracts (saft) for drinks and marmalade are exclusively bought in their shop. We also love their frozen berries, perfect for Elise’s and Josefina’s morning breakfast as toppings for their yoghurt.

    One-on-one Interview

    Watch the following videos of my personal interview with the couple.

    Sheree: Hvornår starter idéen om økologisk landbrug og i hvilken omfang er opfyldelsen af drømmen påvirket jer at udvide de råvarer, som I har haft i forvejen?

    • Vi havde en drøm om at være selvforsynende, så da vi købte Toftehøj, så vi en mulighed for at udleve drømmen. Vi har aldrig tænkt at vi skulle sprøjte med gift eller bruge anden kemi, så økologien er det naturlige valg for os. Vi så også en mulighed for at lave gårdbutik og en dag kunne leve af at sælge frugt og grønt. For at kunne markedsføre økologiske varer så skal man være certificeret økolog, så vi omlagde til økologi i 2020. Der går 3 år før jorden er økologisk. Da vi planlagde frugtplantagen valgte vi alle de frugter og bær, som vi kendte, i forskellige sorter. Gennem de sidste 4 år har vi udvidet med fx kvæde og havtorn.

    “For at kunne markedsføre økologiske varer så skal man være certificeret økolog, så vi omlagde til økologi i 2020. Der går 3 år før jorden er økologisk.”

    • Vi havde også en ide om at vi kunne dyrke mange forskellige grøntsager. Det skulle vise sig at være sværere end som så. Vi har nok taget meget jord ind til køkkenhave, da vi også vil dyrke til salg i gårdbutikken. Vi har lært meget i de sidste 4 år. Lige nu dyrker vi kun de letteste grønsager som kartofler, løg, grønkål, bønner, rødbeder, kålrabi og havre, men vi tror stadig på, at vi bliver dygtigere og har en drøm om at dyrke flere grøntsager.

    “Når vi dyrker jorden er vi nødt til også at tænke på jordens fertilitet. Der skal ryddes for ukrudt, der skal gødes og der skal være vand nok. Skadedyr som snegle, mosegrise og rotter skal fjernes manuelt uden brug af gift.”

    Vivi hjort hansen

    Sheree: Det kan være, at det startede som hobby for jer og en stor interesse for økologi, som mange andre, der begyndte at benytte et naturliger alternativ til de konventionelle fødevarer og hudplejeprodukter.

    • Det har været vigtigt for os at blive certificeret til økologisk landbrugsproduktion og få status som et rigtigt landbrug. Markedsføringsmæssigt er ø-mærket vigtigt og det at vi kan sige at vi er økologiske med sikkerhed. Det er verificeret og kontrolleret af myndighederne. Grundet Vivis baggrund i Landbrugsstyrelsen har vi valgt også at søge landbrugsstøtte. Men for almindelige mennesker er det fint nok bare at tænke økologi. Økologi betyder for os ingen sprøjtegifte, ingen kemi og god dyrevelfærd. Når vi dyrker jorden er vi nødt til også at tænke på jordens fertilitet. Der skal ryddes for ukrudt, der skal gødes og der skal være vand nok. Skadedyr som snegle, mosegrise og rotter skal fjernes manuelt uden brug af gift.
    • Når man køber frø og planter bør man købe økologiske frø, for så støtter man at selve plante og frø-produktionen også er økologisk ellers vil disse blive produceret med sprøjtegifte og anden kemi. Noget de fleste nok ikke tænker på. Økologiske frø og planter bliver mere tilgængelige i butikkerne, men man er nødt til at købe en del på nettet.

    Sheree: Hvilke faktorer I kigger på mest, når I skal ud på marken i både de kolde og varme måneder? Dvs. hønsene, osv.

    • Vi kigger på vejret. Før man sår så skal jorden have en temperatur, gerne mindst 5 grader. Man måler med et termometer. Jorden kan heller ikke være for våd, så kører traktoren fast.

    • Hønsene er ude hele året, også i snevejr. Hønsene er faktisk skovhøns og går inde i et lille stykke skov om vinteren, hvor de er beskyttet mod vejr og vind. Vi gemmer æbler, græs, rodfrugter og havre til hønsene om vinteren

    Sheree: Hvilke råvarer trives næsten året rundt?

    • Rabarber er nok den grøntsag som kan høstes mest og i længst tid. Kål og rodfrugter kan stå ind til frosten kommer. Man kan dække til med hø, man skal bare være opmærksom på skadedyr, som snegle, der også gerne vil være under høet og spise med og yngle. Man kan opbevare bær i fryseren og man kan sylte. Kartofler kan gemmes i en flaminco kasse og stå køligt. Den danske natur giver ikke rigtig mulighed for at høste flere gange årligt, som man fx kan i varmere lande.

    Sheree: Hvad gør I for at sikre jer, at der er råvarer, der kan høstes i de kommende sæsoner?

    • Vi planlægger om efteråret hvad vi vil dyrke kommende år. Vi gøder om efteråret og beskærer frugttræer. Vi indsamler nogle frø hos os selv. Vi køber også frø og fx løg i god tid. Vi tænker meget over hvordan året gik og hvad vi tror på, at vi kan nå og overkomme til næste år. Altså hvad gik godt, og hvad gik skidt.
    • Vi tager stiklinger fra fx solbær og ribs i februar som udplantes i oktober-november. Vi tænker over hvad vi mangler til gårdbutikken. Hvad kan være lækkert at lave syltetøj af. Vi har en plan for hvor mange bær, der skal i fryseren, så vi kan lave syltetøj hele vinteren og foråret indtil der kommer bær igen.

    Sheree: Hvordan håndterer I parasitter, sygdom og smitterisiko både med jeres dyr (hønsene) og grøntsager?

    • Vi tager aldrig gæster med ind til hønsene og vi bruger selv et par gummistøvler, der står i hønsehuset, til når vi skal ind i huset. Dette for at mindske smitterisiko. Hvis høns bliver syge skal de slagtes, så vi passer på dem. Vi bruger strøelse i hønsehuset, der skal holde huset tørt. Vi må rengøre dagligt, og vi muger ud flere gange årligt.

    • Skadedyr som snegle fjerne manuelt. Vi må sætte fælder op til mosegris og rotter.
    • Vi har hegnet ind så harer og rådyr ikke kommer ind og spiser med.
    • Vi sætter fx fuglekasser og insekthoteller op. Mange fugle tager skadedyr og vi er heldige at have både ugler og rovfugle, der tager mus. Insekter kan holde hinanden i skak. Fx så spiser biller og bænkebidere snegleæg hvilket mindsker mængden af snegle. Myrer er vigtige, da de kan holde fx æbletræer/frugttræer fri for sygdom, så ikke noget med at fjerne myrer. På sigt kunne vi godt tænke os at få skovmyrer, da de kan sørge for frugten ikke får så mange sygdomme. Godt plads mellem træerne giver også mindre chance for sygdom.

    Sheree: Hvad bruger/ gør I, som kan være et godt alternativ til at beskytte og at behandle de ovennævnte udfordringer? Hvordan laver I kompost, der kan bruges som gødning til jeres planter? Er der nogle specifikke regler, som I har lært selv ved at lave sin egen kompost?

    • Vi bruger pt hønsemøj til gødning. Da hønsemøj er meget stærk og ikke bare kan bruges ufortyndet, laver vi en beholder hvor vi blandet møj med vand. Det skal stå en måned og så fortyndes yderligere inden vi vander med det. Vi virker fint, men man skal passe på ikke at gøde for meget. Det kan give kålpest og man kan godt ødelægge jorden.
    • Vi bruger også græsafklip til at dække jorden med. Ormene tager græsset ned og laver det til jord/kompost. Græsset forhindrer også at noget ukrudt ikke vokser. Græsset holder på fugtigheden så frø lettere kan vokse op uden at vi skal vande.

    Sheree: Hvor meget opbakning I får, som nye økologiske landmænd i de lokale samfund omkring jer?

    Sheree: Hvad kræver det, at være en (amatør) landmand med begrænset viden om teknik eller processen med landbrugsproduktion? Man behøver ikke være uddannet landmand for at gøre det muligt at dyrke sine egne råvarer, enten kun for eget forbrug eller en mulighed for at tjene penge fra det.

    • Vi tror faktisk at en del har vejboder med grøntsager som de selv har dyrket. Folk kan gerne lide at købe grøntsager fra private. Mange der har haver, har også frugttræer eller jordbær i haven.
    • Vi ønsker også at være med til at formidle den økologiske tankegang, så folk vænner sig til at økologi bare er det naturlige valg og man behøver ikke at sprøjte og bruge gift, slet ikke der hjemme hvor man har sin familie.

    Sheree: Ser I fremtidsmuligheder for at levere produkter til de lokale supermarkeder eller små forhandler, der sælger specielle udvalg fra lignende interesse, dvs. samarbejdspartnere?

    • Ja helt klart. Vi har været i dialog med fx Københavns kommune og flere andre specialbutikker, der gerne vil købe vores produkter. Vi tænker at det kommer lige med tiden, når vores frugttræer giver mere frugt.
    Biodiversity Organic Denmark

    Turnkey Solutions

    We are capable of doing a lot of things, creating great artworks, building infrastructures, writing novels, making new inventions like AI robots and a lot more. At the same time, we are equally capable of destroying the things we build or make or worse, ignoring consciously the things that we have or the things we get freely from nature, resulting in having limited- resources or social networks in the end. Aside from the natural calamities and phenomenons, we are greatly responsible for sustaining it.

    -welcome to the reality

    The sad truth is that some parts of the world don’t have enough access to electricity and they have very limited access to clean/drinkable ground water. Right now, many parts of the world are experiencing continuous extremely high temperatures that affect their way of living rapidly. The homeless and less fortunate people are struggling to get clean water to cool themselves off. Heat stroke has been called a silent killer and it is getting harder to ignore the signs of global warming when our health becomes compromised.

    Clean water. Children in the water by Sheree. Summer of 2017. The time of the Vikings. Denmark

    In the beginning (and still at the present time), people might have been content living using natural resources and without much demand to use energy, clothing and electronics, but we (continuously) evolve and change is constant.

    The originals – Aetas. Picture taken in 2014 during Rotary Club of Angeles Skytown’s outreach in the rural areas of Sapangbato, Angeles City, Philippines.

    There is a fine line between willing to understand the problem and contributing in doing and accomplishing the goal(s). We cannot just take life as it is and say that it is Fate (Tadhana).

    Time only turns clockwise and we can only look back, and not dwell, but learn from the past.

    Renewable energy is energy that is collected from renewable resources, which arenaturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

    Turnkey Solutions

    I had the privilege to interview Sarah Dubord-Gagnon, the Group Coordinator of the company in their office in Vedbæk, Denmark on the 7th of September 2017.

    In my eagerness to find organizations and companies that are willing to share their knowledge about green energy, I was lucky enough to find one. We learned on the first section of this blog a little about renewable energy and how do we acquire energy from nature. Now, we know that energy could be stored and use, allowing us to save money. The only thing that hinders us sometimes in converting to these methods is because of economic and unfortunately, some political concerns.

    With Sarah Dubord-Gagnon. I wrote this article voluntarily for Blooming Etiquette in 2017.

    As our conversation goes deeper into the economic part, I slowly realized that it could be possible with more understanding for long term benefits. This will save industries from paying a lot on their electric bills and also their end-consumers as well. Return of investment could be the most asked question when shifting to it. Read my blog about our family’s decision (Hybrid X Villa De Rosas Silvestres) to have solar panels installed in our house, which we are very happy about.

    Turnkey solution for your clean energy needs

    The company will study your industry’s energy consumption, needs and location to see a good possibility of placing renewable sources of energy such as solar panels or windmills around your building(s).

    Show you a calculation on how much you could save and even the possibility of earning in the future, especially if you, as a company have learned to use energy efficient utilities.

    Assists you in the maintenance of clean energy solutions to achieve a sustainable production of your company’s energy.

    Tailor made solutions since industries or corporations have different needs and the company could offer several solutions like EMS.

    How does Energy Management System works?

    The EMS is what makes the technologies all work together and communicate together in order to manage and optimize your sources of energy and lower significantly your costs. It is not only about installing renewable energy sources but making source that they all work together to reach the highest possible performances. That’s the description of our global services: They understand the goals and challenges, defines the needs, advance data analytics, solution architecture, implementation and finally helps you in achieving Co2 reduction and cost savings. -HS

    We hope that you have learned something today. We provided some helpful links below for more information.

    Thank you for reading my articles.



    The Sculptor’s Paradise

    Old and classic design releases its hidden elegance when combined with beautiful modern details. The thought of passing it through the next generations makes it even exclusive. These furnitures are art pieces and heirlooms!

    I had once again the privilege of interviewing virtually Richard and Thristle Buxani, the sweet couple I met inside Tivoli in Copenhagen last Spring season. Richard is a sculptor who specializes in brass and an architect by profession. His brass sculptures were recently exhibited at the Venice Art Gallery entitled “Minari”, held in Venice, Italy from April 23 to May 7, 2022.

    “The balinese guesthouse uses upcycled timber from demolished houses for floorboards, ceiling, trusses, jambs and storage area. It also has its rain water collection system stored in an underground ciatern tank.” -Richard Buxani, artist & designer

    “The balinese guesthouse uses upcycled timber from demolished houses for floorboards, ceiling, trusses, jambs and storage area. It also has its rain water collection system stored in an underground ciatern tank.” -Richard Buxani, artist & designer

    The chandelier gives the guest house a beautiful light ambience. I have always been fond of lamps and on my exams four years ago at the entrepreneur school in Denmark, I presented Louis Poulsen lamps.

    In this picture, Richard found this old chandelier that fits perfectly with the ceiling. It is indeed, a good junkyard find.

    Me and Jacob’s next big project would be our terrace overlooking our garden and the wild field, where the deers and horses runs around and eats grass. We have to work harder, I know.

    A corner with a beautiful landscaping, made even more relaxing and back-in-time feel with the garden steel furnitures from the 70’s.

    Undoubtedly this gate was made to lasts and the craftmanship that Richard has put into it, will bring out the memories in you.

    Richard is a sculptor who specializes in brass and an architect by profession. His brass sculptures were recently exhibited at the Venice Art Gallery entitled “Minari”, held in Venice, Italy from April 23 to May 7, 2022. Richard is a sculptor who specializes in brass and an architect by profession. You might want to learn about the artist here.

    I remember my Lola Elena who had a Singer sewing machine. She sewed a shiny, victorian yellow dress for my doll when I was six. The curtains and sofa covers she sewed we had back then at home lasted more than two decades until the textile sofa needs to be changed.

    Furnitures made of tree are preferred in tropical countries like the Philippines. Most of the very good ones are made of Narra (Pterocarpus indicus) tree.

    A set of recycled furniture at “Kalyehón Cafe” (alley/street corner). One should also learn how to treat wood properly to keep them in good condition. Avoid using harsh chemicals to treat both old and new furnitures since it has long term negative effects on one’s health.

    You might wonder about, how many years it took the artist and his family to complete this project. Being resourceful and creative is a skill that doesn’t demand a lot from our pockets. I personally invests on antique and vintage ceramic, clay, and stone wares, display cabinets and a few good old kitchen utilities. During my free time (which I unfortunately do not have much as of the moment), I drive around “loppemarked” (thrift shops with antiques and vintage things and furnitures), second shops like Red Cross, Blue Cross, and the on-line shop DBA.

    Technology. We are moving forward.

    A brass sculptor’s gate. The recycled sewing machine parts turned into artistic pieces.

    Thank you for reading. I hope my articles brings you information that is needed to inspire and encourage you as well in reaching your goals, both in big and small ways. “We always need to start somewhere at one point”, said my loving husband Jacob.

    This article is not paid. It was written voluntarily with my willingness to share awareness. You are welcome to share my page to your friends and families. I am a web designer enthusiast and wishing that someday I can design websites and continue to improve my journalistic side. Write to me under contact page if you are interested to collaborate/ join my professional network.

    Best Regards,

    Sheree Ann Kratmann Indiongco

    Inside My Lunch box

    This article is written voluntarily. It is currently revised. It was originally published in 2018 under my first website – Blooming Etiquette.
    Delivering the dream – Hope Project

    Do you remember the time when you were small, attending school, bringing a couple of books, a lunch box and sitting on a desk that you probably have owned for a year or so?

    In this 2-minute read article, we will learn about two different non-profit organizations that are focused on providing education and well-being of the children.

    Questions to ponder

    How many children in the world, do you think experiences a great time being in the school – having food in their lunch box, learning how to socialize and are encouraged to learn? How high are the chances that these children can go to a school and further learn more than A,B,C and count more than 1 to 10? How do they learn to plant trees and grow them?

    In some countries, education is not always free, especially a good education. 

    What is then a good education for you? It does not always necessarily mean, coming from a prestige university, but a school or education system that matches the teaching standards of most countries. I am very happy to hear that the education/curriculum in the Philippines is accredited in Denmark, in most European countries and in many parts of the world. I have hoped that we had more practical applications and tests than theoretical methods, so we could fully understand and immerse ourselves in the subject that time. Schools have different cultures as well.

    How can a high quality of education be achieved? How can we contribute to the development of each shool? 

    2004. My brothers and sisters from Alpha Phi Omega. We graduated in the same school. I am happy to say that almost everybody in this picture are successful engineers and accountants. I just realized it today.

    What is inside your lunchbox that you could share with others?

    I had a sandwich with Cheez Whiz spread on, a pack of Cream-O and in rare cases, a chocolate drink from Moo.  Sometimes when I get lucky, I get knick knacks (small chocolate coated biscuits). Those were my favorite! It made me feel excited to go to school.

    Sharing a portion of what’s inside our lunch box is what we always aim to do. It’s in our checklist to make sure that we have more than enough to share (unconsciously). I believe in better welfare for children who looks forward in going to school, living healthy and feeling safe in their own homes.

    SOS Children’s Villages

    Being a godmother to one of the children living in one of the headquarters of SOS Børnebyerne in Nepal makes me realize how fortunate we are despite the imperfections and challenges we encounter in our daily lives.

    I can clearly remember when my uncle used to make morning breakfast for me and bring me to school and read my assignments with him after school. Back then, the teachers used to write a lot on the blackboard for the students to copy and practice their writing skills. It was a different time, different system and different culture. Now we have e-books, tablets, I-pad and iBog®.

    Photo credits from Jacob’s familie’s archive back in 19xx

    From school, we learn to read and write and it is considered as our second home. It is where you learn things that are not probably discussed at the dining table. It is not only academics, but also values. These helps us to do good in practical application, which we will find useful when we start living on our own, building our own houses or simply reparing the faucet. It will also benefit us in finding a good job, to do what we really want, or even become a good parent. Sky is the limit as what my father says.

    Reminiscing highschool and college

    Oh yes, I could remember my teachers back in highschool, they used to tell a story of their experiences and at the end of the year, we all know his/her life story. 😀

    Holy Angel University, Philippines, 2015

    Learning is an unending process.

    16 How much better to get wisdom than gold, to get insight rather than silver!

    Proverbs 16:16

    Volunteering gives us a sense of accompishment; knowing that we can give despite the scarce resources we have and limited capabilities.

    You are welcome to write a comment below and share your thougths that may be helpful.

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